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The OLED view lets you configure your OLED(if your keyboard supports it). In the OLED view you will see a selection between "IMAGE" and "TEXT" These are the 2 ways your oled can be configured, we will go over each of them now.


Text display is a little bit more evolved and can only render text. You will see 4 text inputs Each one is a corner of your OLED display and each one can react to layers or be static. As you change layers you are setting what that corner will render on that layer (if set to layer)


Image view lets you set your whole OLED to a image. You can draw on the OLED display or you can upload your own image that you made in another tool.

If you want to make a image to upload here are a few tips for best results:

  • Size your canvas to 32x128
  • only use pure black and pure white.
  • white will be lit up and black will be off

After you upload a image you can make small edits by deleting a pixel or adding a new one. All you need to do is click on a pixel to swap it on or off.

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