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Code Block

The Code Block view serves to let you see your current code block and download new ones.

What is a code block?

A code block is a concept in peg that lets you add features to your board beyond what the Peg client supports.

Let me give you a few examples.

  • You like the other RGB extension in KmK, you can use it simply wrap all that code in # codeblock comments and it will stick around.
  • You are working on a new extension but like to map your keyboard using a GUI no need to through out the baby with the bath water just because your new extension is not supported yet keep using it and working on it just wrap it in a # codeblock
  • Or Combos we have not had time to add them to Peg yet but you can keep configuring your board just wrap your combos in a # codeblock.

Even if you dont want to make any your self check the download window see if there is a cool feature you want to add to your keyboard.

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