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The keyboard flashing solution you've always wanted. Now free and open source!

Feature Spotlight

Peg is the most feature rich and feature-complete flashing solution available. Configure advanced features from within an easy to use visual program.

Guided Setup Process

Get going immediately! Simply connect a compatible device and follow the New Board Setup Guide. Within moments you'll be configuring your keymap

No Programming Required

Users can edit advanced features without programming knowledge or ever opening a text editor.

Community Driven

Features and keymaps (like OLED animations or advanced macros) are 1-click away. Peg's generated keymaps support full code injection, and all snippets are Shareable and Downloadable.

Built On Top Of

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What Can Peg Do?

Robust LED Configuration

Peg is the first flashing program capable of configuring per-key LED. Armed with a color picker and drag and drop palette, users may map any key to any color or apply color selections globally.

OLED Customization

Upload a photo or draw an image and have it appear seconds later on your OLED! OLEDs have been complicated and user UNfriendly for too long! Peg offers a solution approachable for all users and allows for extensive customization and even responsiveness.

Encoder Mapping

Fully compatible with encoders, Peg allows users to map either rotational direction and the encoder's press/click function to any keycode.

Share/Download Code Snippets

Whether you're an advanced user or new to the hobby features will never be beyond your grasp. With Share and Download functionality and full code-injection support, Peg allows users to freely share code snippets with other users. Want a great OLED animation but can't create one? Download it! Created an amazing macro you use everyday and want others to benefit from it? Share it!

Build Keymaps

Upon finding a compatible CircuitPython drive, Peg's Keymap Edit view is populated with a layout of your supported device. Map any key on your board to any keycode or custom macro. Combos are coming soon.

All from within a user-friendly GUI.

Within moments of downloading Peg your compatible device will be configured for use with all Peg features.

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