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Peg Pro License


What is Peg Pro?

Peg Pro a completely unlocked version of the flashing application. Peg Pro only unlocks features within the GUI application, it has no impact on the KMK firmware running on your board, all features of KMK whether or not they were added by us for Peg's benefit are completely free. Peg Pro only affects the feature's access from within the GUI. The free version of Peg is feature complete with ALL other flashing solutions and even offers some additional functionality. Features behind Peg Pro are only features that go far beyond what is currently available to users from any other flashing GUI.

Why is there a cost associated with Peg at all?

Hey everyone, Cole and Quinn here from Boardsource. We would like to be completely open and upfront about our reasoning behind charging for some of Peg's features. We conceptualized Peg about one year ago, and we never shy away from feature creep. Peg began as a simple mapping tool and grew into what we believe is the best flashing solution available, one we are very proud of. The functoinality and features we've added along the way have went far beyond what existing solutions offer users. To us, we've treated the development of Peg as any other product and devoted a significant amount of time into its development, more-so than any product since opening our store two years ago. As a result, we felt it was reasonable to associate a one-time cost with unlocking some of these features that go above and beyond what other solutions offer. This paragraph can be summed up as 'at the end of the day, we are a business and we have to pay bills.' However, we tried to implement a pricing structure that is as respectful as possible and ensure that the free version of Peg is still extremely usable.

Alternate Payment Methods

We understand some users are unable to afford the cost of Peg Pro, and those users should not be left out. Instead of paying $10 USD, we are offering members of the community Peg Pro free of charge if they submit 5 boards to the Peg repo. Additionally, anyone who reviews Code Blocks within the Peg Repo and finds a board-breaking snippet or anything potentially malicious is also awarded Peg Pro. These interactions may not be available permanently as the processes surrounding Peg evolve.

No Double Charging

To ensure that there is no double-charging, Boardsource customers will have a wide array of options open to them to unlock Peg Pro. In fact, more times than not, Boardsource customers likely will not have to pay for Peg Pro. As an example, participating in any Group Buy through Boardsource will unlock lifetime Peg Pro on your acccount, purchasing any premium RP2040 based PCB, or purchasing 4 Blok microcontrollers will also unlock Peg Pro on your account. Charging for some features of Peg ensure that we can still recoup costs and profit long-term even from users who have no idea our storefront exists. We hope you find this agreeable.


Peg Pro

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